Position Exchange & Development Plan
Position Exchange is a long-term project with an ambitious vision. We aim to create the world's biggest Decentralized Crypto platform to gather DeFi users of all interests and backgrounds in one place.
We believe that we possess the necessary technical and financial means to achieve our vision and exceed expectations.
Our team has developed several features (Baby features) in a very short period of time which will lay the base of future development and improvements.
Below is our development plan for each of these features:

Exchange Pro:

  • Release Exchange Pro V1 (Released)
  • Release our Aggregator for best price matching
  • Release our own DEX with zero slippage, high liquidity, supporting limit orders fully on-chain
  • Release our own Cross-Chain Swap


  • Release Governance V1 (Released)
  • Release Governance V2: Users will be able to participate actively in the governance by proposing changes and using their Staked POSI, Farmed LP, Staked NFT cards in their voting power. A forum Section for Governance will see life soon, where users can discuss and submit proposals


  • Release NFT Classic Feature V1 (Released)
  • Release NFT Marketpalce V1 (Released)
  • Art NFTs: Users will be able to create their own NFTs and sell them on the Marketplace
  • NFT Collaboration Pools: Users will be able to stake POSI NFT Cards and earn other tokens
  • Enter Binance NFT Market
  • NFT Games (Blind Boxes, Special Edition NFT Cards...)


  • Release POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB Farms (Released)
  • Add more POSI Farms
  • Add other tokens Farms


  • Release POSI Staking Pool (Released)
  • Add more Pools, Long-period lock pools
  • Add other tokens Pools


  • Release BUSD and BNB Vaults (Released)
  • Release POSI Vault
  • Release other tokens Vaults


  • Release Referrals V1 (Released)
  • Release Referral V2: A more complete and engaging referral program

What is coming next? (Roadmap)

Our team is constantly working on new features and developing the existing ones. The coming months will be extremely full of great new additions and surprises. The Roadmap is as follows:

Q3 21:

  • Token Launch, Listing on CMC and CG
  • Open Pools, Farms, POSI NFTs, Referrals
  • Open Vaults, Open Governance

Q4 21:

  • Mobile App V1
  • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • Competition Feature
  • Global Marketing Campaign

Q1-Q2 22:

  • Decentralized Futures Protocol V1 + Buyback and Burn Implementation
  • Decentralized Margin Protocol V1
  • Upgrade all current features (Farming, Staking, Vaults Governance, Referral, Competitions, NFTs)
  • Exchange Pro Aggregator
  • Android and iOS launch on Google Play/App Store
  • Own Spot DEX which will support limit orders
  • 5,000,000 Users
  • Cross-chain Swap
  • POSI Blockchain development starts