Farms/Pools Migration Guideline
You don't need to migrate Farms Auto (BNB and BUSD)
These farms will automatically migrate.
Follow these steps to complete migrating your farms/pools:
Step 1: Navigate to the Migration page and connect your wallet
Step 2: Unstake all from the old farms/pools
On the migration interface, you will see a list of pools and farms you are currently staking. Press Unstake all button in the Farms/Pool that you want to unstake.
Confirm the action in your wallet.
A pop-up window will appear to announce successful unstaking.
After unstaking, navigate to the second step in the screen: Stake LP tokens and POSI to the new Farm & Pool contract
Step 3: Approve new contracts
Before staking into the new farms/pools you need to give them access to the LP tokens by Approving them. Simply click "Approve Contract", confirm in your wallet and wait a few seconds for the transaction to be confirmed.
For example: Approve for DAI-BUSD
Please note:
  • This action is safe for your funds.
  • You only need to approve once.
Step 4: Stake to the new farms/pools
After approving, in the farms/pools you want to stake into, press the Stake button.
Enter the amount that you want to stake into Farms/Pools and click Confirm.
Finally, confirm the action in your wallet. A pop-up window will appear to announce your successful transaction.
Congrats! Now, relax and earn new rewards!


Why do I need to migrate?

You should migrate as soon as possible in order to keep earning staking rewards on Position Exchange.

What happens if I don’t migrate?

You won’t receive rewards from the old farms/pools.

When should I do the migration?

You can do the migration whenever you want, however, it’s better to migrate as soon as possible so that you can continuously earn rewards from farms and pools.
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