Why Can't I Place a Futures Order?

When trading perpetual futures, you may find that your order sometimes fails to be placed or doesn't get filled. Below are some potential reasons for this.

Order cannot be placed:

  • Insufficient margin: You may need to add extra margin to open an order if you have other open orders using your available margin or if the order quantity is too high. The lower the leverage multiplier, the more margin you'll need. You can try raising the leverage multiplier to fix this issue.

  • Smart contract limits: In this version of the smart contracts and limitations of the EVM:

    • When a limit order is waiting to be filled, users cannot open a limit/market order with the side opposite to the current limit order (open multiple orders in the same direction are allowed). Eg. Bob opens a limit long order, Bob cannot open a short order unless he cancels the first one. (Bob is free to open more long orders)

    • Cannot open a reverse position with the opening position. Eg. Bob shorts a position with 5 BTC. Bob cannot open a market long position with a quantity of 10 BTC. Bob needs close his current position first.

  • Position limits: The reverse position quantity may be too high, which causes insufficient margin in relation to net exposure. The maximum position size varies based on leverage.

  • Insufficient contract quantity: Different types of contracts have different minimum order quantities. You can learn more by reading the Perpetual Futures Contract Specifications.

Order was not filled:

  • No matching price: The market price has not reached the price that was set for your order. Stop-limit orders are added to the order book when the market price reaches the trigger price, but the market price has to reach the order price before it will be filled.

  • Large deviation from the market price: There are no orders in the order book that match the price that was set for your order. Very large orders may be only partially filled.

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