Position Exchange's Futures Transaction Fees

Futures transaction fees:
The transaction fee is calculated based on your notional value
How are transaction fees calculated?
Formula for Perpetual transaction fees:
Transaction fee = Notional value × Transaction fee rate
Nominal value = Order Quantity × Order Price (Avg. Price for Market Order)
For Position Exchange users, Maker fees are 0.01% and Taker fees are 0.02%.
Buying 1 BTCBUSD Futures Contract using a Market Order and leverage of 10x:
Suppose that the average filled price is 49,000 BUSD
Notional value
= Order Quantity × Order Price (Avg. Price for Market Order)
= 1 BTC × 49,000
= 49,000
Then, there is a transaction fee of 49,000 × 0.02% = 9.8 BUSD.
Initial Margin
= Order Quantity / Leverage * Order Price (Avg. Price for Market Order)
= 1/10 * 49,000
= 4,900 BUSD
So the final amount you need to pay to open a Market order is 4,909.8 BUSD.
Note: Before opening a position on Position Exchange, you should be aware that you will need to pay the gas fee for the blockchain because all transactions happen on-blockchain. The amount of the gas fee will depend on the source chain.