Lucky Fee

Lucky Fee

Lucky Fee is an incentivized campaign aimed at encouraging users to trade on Position Exchange and increase liquidity. Spin every day and complete the corresponding tasks to earn POSI. Spin to win!

General Rules:

  • You will have 4 spins every day

  • Spins will not be accumulative. When it's time for a new spin, the old, unused spins will be lost (except for the Extra turn).

  • You must accumulate 200$ of transaction fees from your transactions to claim rewards to your wallet.

  • Only transaction fees and commission fees derived from swaps, liquidity, trades, and futures will be counted in the total accumulated fees.

  • The gas fee (in BNB) and commission fee (in BUSD) derived from your transactions will be converted into USD and recorded in the “My Fee History” section.

  • Once the 200$ of transaction fees is reached, you cannot spin anymore.

  • At the end of the campaign, if you don’t accumulate enough 200$ of transaction fees, you will be unable to claim rewards.

How to play

  • Step 1: Connect wallet

  • Step 2: Click “Spin” to win rewards in POSI. The prize is now considered unrealized and will be saved in the "Rewards" section.

  • Step 3: Accumulate transaction fees by performing transactions (swap, liquidity, trade, futures)

  • Step 4: Claim rewards

  • You can claim rewards to your wallet when the accumulated transaction fees reach a total of 200$.


  • Lucky Fee allows you to spin and receive POSI rewards in your wallets.

  • The Lucky Spin consists of 8 boxes displaying the following prizes:

  • 1 POSI

  • 2 POSI

  • 5 POSI

  • 10 POSI

  • 20 POSI

  • 30 POSI

  • Good luck

  • Extra turn

Rewards Distribution Timeline

Reward Distribution Schedule

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