Initialize a new pool

Initialize pool

If you want to add tokens to the pool that has not been created before, you have to initialize it first. Let’s follow some simple steps below to initialize your pool.

Step 1: Access Liquidity section and connect wallet on Position Exchange

Step 2: Initialize pools

In case you import a token pair that has not existed, the system will ask you to initial the pool before adding liquidity. Then, click Initialize Pools Now button.

Fill in the amount you want to deposit at initial.

Next, complete the price range and tick space section with the number larger than 0.

The price range is the difference from the lowest price to the highest price in an index, which is described in the liquidity chart.

Tickspace is an indicator used on smart contracts, responsible to switch from liquidity to orders on the order book.

Tickspace around 1000 will create about 30 orders on the orderbook

Click Initialize Pool when you finish choosing.

Confirm the action in your wallet and wait a second for the system process.

Congratulations! You created the pool successfully. Now you can add liquidity into the pool and enjoy the return.

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