How to join the Liquidity Providers Incentive Program

Step 1: Access Position Exchange and connect your wallet. Navigate to the Airdrop Campaign page.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Liquidity Pool program section. Click Join Now to start.

Step 3: View the rules

The interface will switch to the Liquidity pool program page.

Click View Rules to get the rules clearly and be the winners of the game.

Step 4: Add liquidity

Now, scroll down to the liquidity pool list

Click Add Liquidity in the pool you prefer to start contributing liquidity.

Fill in the amount and confirm the action in your wallet to finish the transaction.

Please lock your liquidity NFT in the pool in at least 30 days.

The more liquidity you provide, the more reward portion you will share.

Step 5: Claim the reward

When the campaign ends and your liquidity is locked in not less than 30 days, you can receive your rewards.

If you join the campaign in the first 7 days, you can claim the early bird rewards by the following way:

Navigate to the My Earnings sections and click Claim to view your rewards.

Now you can claim the rewards of valid liquidity locked in an equivalent time.

Click the Claim button and confirm the action.

After the transaction is submitted, your rewards will be transferred to your wallet address on POSI Chain. You can click on the Tx Hash for more details of the transactions.

Please click on the Contact us button for assistance in case of any error.

For more details, please check the rules HERE carefully not to dismiss any reward!

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