Referral System

Earn commissions on your referrals' swaps and 5% of their rewards from farms and Pools on Position Exchange

Position Exchange offers a referral system that allows the community to grow organically. Users can invite friends to join Position Exchange via a referral link and receive rewards for their referrals. The rewards from the referral system are related to Farms and Single Staking Pools rewards generated by the invited friends. Users will get a commission on each POSI earned and harvested by their referrals in Farms and Single Staking Pools.

How does the Referral System work?

  • Farms & Single Staking Pools: Users can earn a 5% commission on their referrals' earnings. Your rewards will be visible in the Referral section of the website and automatically withdrawn to your wallet once the referred users harvest their rewards. You can visualize and check your the details of your referrals rewards and keep track of it easily.

  • Exchange: Coming soon.

Example: You have invited a friend via a referral link and he/she generates and harvest 50 POSI in rewards from the Farm or the Single Staking Pool. Your rewards will be: 50 POSI x 5% = 2.5 POSI.

2.5 POSI will automatically be withdrawn to your wallet without any fees or taxes. Note that your rewards are not deducted from the referred user's reward. In short: Your friend gets: 50 POSI You get: 2.5 POSI The referral system works for Farms and Single Staking pools and not for NFT Pools. Please Note that you can see your referred users only once they connect their wallet and accept successfully your referral.

The Referral System platform

The Referral section of the website will provide you with an easy look and access to the details of your referral rewards. You can view your referral statistics:

You can view a dashboard with the active referrals and the amount of rewards for Pools and Farms:

You can keep track of your referrals' rewards:

Note that you can see your referred users only once they connect their wallet and accept your referral.

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