Futures Task

Complete Futures tasks and achieve attractive rewards!

What Is Futures Task?

Futures task is a list of tasks that users must complete to receive rewards.

1. Referral task

Refer your friends and receive 3 BUSD Bonus when your referee opens the first position with a volume of at least 100 BUSD and holds for at least 30 minutes.

In case you want to know more about Futures Referral, access our Future Referral Guideline for Referrer

2. Open The First Position task

Open positions with an accumulated volume from 1000 BUSD and hold for at least 30 minutes to receive 5 BUSD Bonus.

In case you want to know more about How to open a position on Position Exchange Futures, access our Open Position Guideline.

  • You can open either a single order valued at 1000 BUSD or several orders until the total volume accumulated reaches 1000 BUSD. There will be a process bar updating the accumulated value of your positions.

  • The position must be held in not less than 30 minutes. In case, you do not maintain as the rule, the transaction will be not counted as valid.

  • Using BUSD bonus to open positions is not counted as valid in this program

Futures Task Rewards


  • Referral task: 3 BUSD Bonus

  • Open the first Position task: 5 BUSD Bonus

When can I receive rewards? As you finish the task, rewards will be transferred to your wallet immediately.

Which currency is the reward? You will be awarded in BUSD bonus.

BUSD Bonus is only used for trading on Position Exchange and can not be withdrawn into your wallet. However, you can claim the profit of the position that you open in BUSD bonus. Learn more about BUSD Bonus.


Can I do the task many times? You can do a task only one time.

Can I use BUSD Bonus to open positions to receive a reward? You can only use BUSD to finish the task. BUSD Bonus is not accepted for this task.

Where can I view my Futures task list? On the Futures interface, click on the Futures Task section, and a pop-up will show you the details and the process status of your futures tasks.

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