POSI Twitter Lottery

What is POSI Twitter Lottery

POSI Twitter lottery is a giveaway organized twice a week on Position Exchange Official Twitter, where participants can win several prizes. The giveaway is a good tool to maintain a stable and organic growth of Position Exchange on Twitter.

How to Participate?

  1. Follow us on Twitter

  2. Tag 3 friends

  3. ReTweet and Comment 3 numbers from 100 to 999

How it works?

We will pick the winning number from a block hash. To start this campaign we will select a random block number to use it as a starting point. We will then collect the hash, convert it to a decimal number then take the 3 last digits as the winning number. If a participants chosen number matches the winning number he/she will be a winner, if we have multiple winners they will share the prize.

The result drawing work following this function and takes the last three digits as the winning number.

const converter = require('hex2dec');
const dec = converter.hexToDec("0x2656a9697cd5284c1c6f6e843038edd0d604eaef0a302f36f9aca439b4cc0e42");
const n = (dec%1000000000).toString()
// take the last 3 digits
const winningNumber = n.substr(n.length - 3)
// 296

You can check the winning number by putting the hash here and clicking on Roll!


How will the rewards be distributed?

We will announce the winning number of each round on our Twitter and scan the winning comments, then move contact the winners. Or the winners could contact us back within 3 days to collect the prize.

Please note:

  • Multiple winners will share the prize.

  • Any edited comment, late comment (after the block time) or a comment that has more than 3 numbers will not be counted.

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