How to join the Lucky Fee Program

Step 1: Access Position Exchange and connect your wallet. Navigate to the Airdrop Campaign page.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Lucky Fee program section. Click Join Now to start.

Step 3: Read the rules carefully and spin the reward wheel

Click the Spin button to try your luck and receive a random presents from 1 to 30 POSI

The prize is now considered unrealized and will be saved in the "Rewards" section.

Step 4: Collect transaction fees by performing transactions (swap, liquidity, trade, futures).

Step 5: Claim rewards

You can claim rewards to your wallet when the accumulated transaction fees reach a total of 200$.

At this time, the Claim button is active. Please click on the Claim button and confirm the action to receive all rewards that you’ve pinned.

Your rewards will be transferred to your wallet address on POSI Chain.

Please click on the Contact us button for assistance in case of any error.

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