How to purchase a bond

You can purchase a bond when it reaches the on-sale phase or purchase it on Bond Exchange when it’s in the active phase.

When you use face assets to purchase bonds, you will pay at the issued price.

Please take note that the maximum quantity of bonds you can buy is equal to the available quantity of the bonds.

How to purchase a bond?

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Position Exchange

Step 2: Choose your preferred bond from the P2P bond list and click Purchase to view bond details

Step 3: Approve the face asset token by clicking the Approve [face asset token] button and confirm the action in your wallet.

Step 4: Enter the quantity of bond you want to buy. Click Purchase

The minimum quantity required is 0.001 Bond Unit The maximum quantity must not be over your balance and less than or equal to the available quantity of the bond.

Step 5: Check the transaction details and click Confirm Purchase. Then confirm the action in your wallet.

There will be a pop-up announcement when the transaction is submitted and an alert message announcing the successful transaction is confirmed.

You can check your bond balance in the Bond Balance section.

You can add the bonds to Metamask and exchange bonds on Bond Exchange when the bonds reach active status.

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