POSI Tokenomics

A crypto project without solid and sustainable Tokenomics is more likely to be disorganized and purposeless, because tokens serve two crucial primary functions: Capturing the value and incentivizing the growth. The Position Exchange's team is designing and will always design future token economy models with these key ideas in mind.

Position Exchange will be running highly cost-effective incentive programs and initiatives to help facilitate and ensure the continuous growth of the platform and the POSI community. In the meantime, the POSI token will be the perfect vehicle for encapsulating and representing the value of the Position Exchange’s economy and ecosystem, and the collective value of the platform will be shared equitably and very generously with our loyal supporters.

As outlined in Position Exchange's token distribution, 80% of the POSI total token supply is reserved for the community. This is a substantial proportion and amount of tokens and it is hard to plan out all the incentive programs at first. As our platform continues to grow and users number to increase and more product features mature, the subject of value encapsulation will become more challenging .

This is why the Position Exchange's design is open to constructive suggestions and feedback from everyone, as we seek to grow alongside the community.

Token distribution




  • 1,000,000 POSI tokens (1%)

  • Balancer LBP token launch, held September, 2020.

For the Community

  • 80,000,000 POSI tokens (80%)

  • The vast majority of the POSI tokens will be dedicated to the community through staking and farming rewards. This is one of the highest shares addressed to the community in the existing protocols!


  • 4,000,000 POSI tokens (4%)

  • The tokens will be immediately available for the general functioning of the platform.

Team & advisors

  • 10,000,000 POSI tokens (10%)

  • The tokens will NOT be available to the team immediately but will rather be minted over time. Position Exchange’s team will retain a position of 10% of any new minted token ensuring a community driven and fair launch.

Public Sale

  • 5,000,000 POSI tokens (5%)

  • the tokens will be available for the public sale. The generated funds will be deployed to add Liquidity and support the Marketing strategy of Position Exchange.

The total POSI token supply is set at 100,000,000.

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