How to issue a bond

  1. Go to the Bond tab and select P2P bond

  2. Choose “Issue Your Bond”

3. Fill in the Input Field information:

With each field required, users must adhere to the following criteria to be able to issue bond successfully:

1. Bond Name:

  • Bond name has to contain no more than 30 characters

2. Bond symbol:

  • Bond token name has to be no more than 6 characters (unique, no space, no special character)

3. Description:

  • The description has to be no more than 30 characters

4. Collateral Amount: Your value for collateral with 10k POSI minimum

  • You can either choose POSI or NFTs as collateral

  • If you choose POSI as collateral: The collateral amount has to be greater than or equal to 10,000 POSI

  • If you choose NFTs as collateral: You can select 1 or more NFTs in the wallet (except birthday NFT, disable birthday NFT)

  • You can choose a maximum of 30 NFTs

  • Value of NFTs will be calculated according to the Par value

  • When you enter the collateral amount, the system will automatically calculate the value to borrow based on the token you want to borrow and vice versa.

5. Actual Collateral Amount

  • [Actual Collateral Amount] = [Collateral Amount] - Fee value

  • If Fee = 0 → [Actual Collateral Amount] = [Collateral Amount]

  • When you enter the collateral amount, the system will automatically calculate the actual collateral amount

6. Value to borrow: The amount you want to borrow

  • Default = Max = 65% Collateral TWAP value

  • You can borrow up to 65% of the mortgage amount

  • You can choose face assets = BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC, BNB

7. Units: Your number of bonds to issue by an integer.

  • [Units] = [Value to borrow] / Issue price

  • The required units must be greater than 0

  • When you enter units, the system will automatically calculate the value to borrow, issue price, and collateral amount if one is blank

8. Issue Price: The price you want to sell

  • Max price to display entered is equal to 8 characters.

  • You can enter or the system will calculate the issue price based on YTM and Face value

9. Face value: The price you will pay for each bond at the maturity date

  • The face value has to be greater than the issue price

10. YTM: Your bond’s yield to maturity - the estimated rate of return

  • [YTM] = ([Face value] - [Issue Price]) / Issue Price* 100%

For example: When you choose issue price = 1 and face value = 2 => YTM = (2-1)/1 * 100% = 100%

11. Interest repayment terms: Form of interest payment.

  • You can choose to Face assets - Daily - Monthly (Currently: Only allow “Face value“ for current)

12. Bond duration: Estimated time from active to maturity.

  • You can choose the time unit: month - year.

13. Time for each phase

  • Active Date] > [On-Sale Date]. You cannot choose the date time of [Active Date] sooner than [On-Sale Date].

  • [Maturity Date] = [Active date] + [Bond duration]

For example:

If you choose bond duration = 1 year, the On-sale phase will be default at Current time + 1h .

You can choose the time of the Active phase but it must be after the On-sale phase.

For example: if Active phase is on October, 1st 2022, the maturity phase will be on October, 1st 2023.

14. Checkbox confirm

  • If you don't check on the "Terms of services and Privacy Policy" checkbox --> Disable button Issue.

4. Tick to agree to the terms of services and privacy policy and click “Issue Bond”

5. Click “Confirm” in your wallet. After confirming, you'll have to wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute to finish issuing your bond. P2P Bonds allow users to borrow assets from other users by issuing them. You can also use P2P Bond to exchange on Bond Exchange and earn fixed income from bond interest.

Click here for more details about P2P Bond's main phases.


  • For every transaction in POSI token on BNB Chain, issuers will have to pay a 1% RFI fee.

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