Incentives Programs

Welcome to the Position Exchange Incentives Programs documentation! We are excited to offer our users multiple ways to earn rewards on our platform. Here's a breakdown of what we have to offer:

  • Lucky Fees: Increase your transaction activity to collect the sufficient fee required to join the Lucky Wheel and have the chance to win unlimited rewards.

  • LP Incentives: Provide liquidity on Position Exchange and earn fee commissions, as well as a share of the prize pool.

  • Task Bounty: Complete Trade/Swap/Add Liquidity tasks to receive instant rewards.

  • Pancake Migrant Airdrops: Migrate to Position Exchange now and receive unlimited rewards, as well as a share of the LP prize pool of 2,500,000 POSI.

  • Referral Program: Refer your friends to Position Exchange and earn rewards together.

Please refer to the specific guidelines and terms and conditions for each campaign to ensure you are eligible to participate and receive rewards. Happy earning!

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